Orlando Salsa Congress

Orlando Salsa Congress

Artist Registration

Performer Pass price will increase to $125 on March, 31 2018.

Due to the yearly increase in amount of performances at the Orlando Salsa Congress we can no longer accommodate every team that wants to perform on Friday and Saturday nights only. The only fair way to handle this issue is to enact a “first come, first serve” system for dance team registration.

The prerequisites for performers are listed below. If and when you perform is totally in YOUR OR YOUR TEAM DIRECTOR’S HANDS:

  1. ALL Dance Teams must be approved by Joseluis Gutierrez which can be reached at 305-519-9629 or by using our Contact Us page.
  3. Dance teams approved to perform will be scheduled to do so by Orlando Salsa Congress staff at ANY TIME from Thursday, June 28th to Sunday July 1, 2018. DO NOT REGISTER YOUR DANCE TEAM unless you are positive that all members can perform at any time within these dates. PERFORMER PASSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE…
  4. You must upload your routine track in either MP3 or M4A format prior to June 28th. Tech rehearsal order will be determined by date of music upload. If you do not upload you music prior to the cut off date your tech rehearsal slot will be pushed to the end of the session when a DJ can either rip your cd or upload your sound track to the performance playlist. Depending on how much time is left, you might not be able to do a tech rehearsal.
  5. Click Here to upload your music.
  6. Solo or Couple routines must not be longer than 3 minutes. Group routines must not be longer than 4 minutes.
  7. All Dance Teams must attend Tech Rehearsal, and all team members registered under said team must be present or his/her “Performer Pass” will be revoked.
Performer Pass


If you are performing and 15 years old or younger, please use the button below to register.

Performers 15 & Under

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