Orlando Salsa Congress

Orlando Salsa Congress

Preparing for the Trip

Flying to Orlando

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We like to use Kayak.com to search for flights. It’s quick and simple.

Here’s some important information for your flight search:

  • What dates should we fly?
    • You’ll want to arrive for the Thursday pre-party, so we recommend flying in on Thursday, July 4th, 2013, preferably arrive in the early afternoon. Before 5pm should be nice.
    • Flying back home is probably best on Monday, July 8th, 2013. We’ll be filmingĀ the Video, probably on Sunday, and screening on Sunday night. And since you’ll be in the video, you’ll want to leave on Monday.
  • What City are we going to?
    • Orlando, Florida
  • What State?
    • Umm………^
  • Ok, what’s the Airport Code?
    • MCO
  • Can I fly into another airport?
    • Sure, Tampa, airport code TPA, is a 90 minute drive. It’s also, coincidentally, 90 miles away. Which means if you are walking, it’s going to take you, according to Google Maps, 30 hours to arrive.
    • Trust us, we HIGHLY recommend flying into MCO.
  • How long is the flight?
    • Derp.
  • Do they serve peanuts on the flight?
    • Purple.
  • How do we get from the airport to the hotel?
    • Here are a few examples of transportation prices:
      • Taxi: $40
      • Bus: $1.50
      • Limo: $85
      • Rental Car: depends
      • Super Shuttle: $35
  • How do we get back to the airport from the hotel?
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      • 04$ :ixat
      • 05.1$ :sub
      • 58$ : omil
      • sdneped :rac latner
      • 53$ :elttuhs repus