Orlando Salsa Congress

Orlando Salsa Congress

Orlando Salsa Congress Fashion

[dropcap size=”250%”]I[/dropcap]f you’ve attended the Orlando Congress in previous years, or you’ve seen photos from previous years, then you know that the “outfits” portion of the planning is not taken lightly.  If you wait to pack for this trip like you would any other congress or salsa event, you’re going to be sorry.

Because there’s so much to do (The Video, Workshops, Night Parties) while in Orlando at the Congress, one must be prepared for all potential activities.  While this makes shopping and packing a terrifying prospect, it also can be loads of fun.

The Congress environment allows people to feel uninhibited & detached enough from ordinary life to wear things that might normally be considered outside their fashion repertoire.

Embrace this!

Fit is key.  Dress for your body structure.  Make sure your body structure can welcome what you’re going to want to wear.  Want some tips on how to get your body … structured?  Check out our Nutrition and Exercise tips.

And color.  Lots of color.  Remember, this is FLORIDA in the height of summertime… not NY or Chicago in the winter.  Let go of the blacks & browns & grays.  Break out the blue.  Break out the white.  Throw a touch of red in there & you’ll have your 4th of July theme all wrapped up… subtly.

Special Note:  The amount of red pants that were worn by men at Salsa Congresses in 2012 may mean you have pass on wearing those again this year. /justsayin’