Candy Mena was born on November 12th, 1979 in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Soon after she was born her family transferred to New Jersey. From a young age, Candy has always shown an athletic ability. Candy was a cheerleader for many years and also studied some gymnastics. After she finished school she began to take salsa classes in October 26, 1998 with Ismael Otero. Soon after just a few classes, Ismael noticed a natural talent in her. She became part of Ismael dance company Caribbean Soul. After 6 months of dance with Ismael Otero, he introduced to Jai Catalano. They dance and spoke all night. At the end of the night they agreed to enter a dance competition that was only 18 days away. On May 2, 1999, they entered the competition and won first place in the semi-professional category. Soon after, Candy was invited to dance in the dance company of the Mambo King “Eddie Torres”. Jai and Candy danced for the Eddie for 2 ½ years until the decided to break out and open there own studio and travel the world as a duet. They traveled the world and dance with many famous artists such as Tito PuenteCelia Cruz, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Tony Vega, El Gran C ombo, and many more. After 5 years of working together they went their separate ways. Since then Candy has become a free lance dancer and has danced with various top dancers and dance companies such as Juan Matos, Jhesus Aponte, Yamulee, Angelo Rito, Andy Cruz, Sonia Rivera and as a solo artist as well. Currently Candy Mena resides is in Tampa and directors her Lady’s team, Essence By Candy Mena.