Ignacio and Ivette (Hooked On2) teach New York Style Salsa/Mambo On2 in Miami, Florida. They enjoy being able to show others their passion for this dance. Even though Ignacio and Ivette are well known for their On2 style, they have been seen and known to enjoy a good Casino/Rueda occasionally.

Ivette’s dance background includes 15 years of classical training while Ignacio’s was always a love for the break-dancing back in the 80’s. Together for the last 12 years as Hooked On2 and 6 years prior with a local dance team have acquired the knowledge and passion that they so love for their art.

Ignacio and Ivette have enjoyed being part of many prestigious events participating in many Salsa Congresses as well as local social gatherings sponsored by other Salsa Promoters and local Dance Schools. Copa Night at the IHSC, Orlando Salsa Congress, Boston Salsa Congress, Las Vegas Salsa Congress, Tampa Salsa and Bachata Congress and the Miami Salsa Congress. More recent a tribute to Eddie Torres at the 2016 Miami Salsa Congress.  Hooked On2 also made their film debut in 2011 in “La Epoca Film the Lost Rhythms in Salsa” by Director, Executive producer and Master Instructor Josue Joseph, the son of the Mambo Legend Alfonso “El Panameño” Joseph.

Ignacio and Ivette will continue enjoying the love and passion they have for their On2, but will remind everyone that it doesn’t matter what rhythm or style you may dance to, it’s all about having “fun”!