Osmar Perrones , director of Yamulee Dance Company began his dancing career in 1994 under the guidance of Wilton Beltre. He has been a member of The Descarga Latina Dance Company, The Fuerza Latina Dance Company, Combinacion Magica, and was senior instructor/choreographer of Santo Rico Dance Company. As a dancer he has had the privilege of traveling, performing and teaching workshops in Brussels, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, California, Boston, New Jersey, The Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), Providence, Montreal -Canada, Puerto Rico not to mention in most NYC nightclubs. In addition, Osmar has performed in videos such as; Eve’s “What y’all want”, Jose Alberto “El Canario” – “Me Dejo Picao” and with other artists like Steven Falcon. He has shared the stage with artists like, El Grupo Niche, and Frankie Negron among others. From 2000-2002 Osmar participated in the off-broadway show Latin Madness. Currently, he is the director and founder of Yamulee Dance Company and supervises the student, children and professional teams.